A Bear is a friend for life, to... - The history of 'The Dinkers'
'The Dinkers history'
 Several hundred years ago, a black bear gave birth to three cubs, one male cub and two female cubs. One of the female cubs was very small, and thinking it wouldn't survive, the mother bear rejected it and left it to die.
     At that time, a wise man lived in the mountains and used to rescue orphaned and sick animals. When he came across the tiny cub, he took her home and cared for her. She flourished and was very healthy but remained very small.
    The wise man always talked to his animals and let them live together as one family. As the bear grew up, other strange creatures joined them, including a very small male brown bear. They immediately became good friends and lived happily together. In turn they had cubs of their own, which were even smaller but had remarkable abilities. They started to imitate the wise mans speech, and would talk back to him which made him very happy. He would laugh with them and call them his 'little dinky treasures'.
   Alas, one day the wise man died leaving a very large number of unusual creatures to fend for themselves. They spread out across the mountains and survived well. Some however, died out and are only heard of in legends, but the tiny bears, calling themselves 'His Dinkers', soon became too numerous for the mountains alone and spread out into the rest of the world.
   Now Dinker bears are found in most countries including Great Britain. They are very rarely seen, but they have occasionally been heard as they always choose to live near humans.

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