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An animated children's TV series based on the 'Sherford's Lost Valley' books.

The presentation 
went really well at the Cartoon Forum in Toulouse, France, in September 2014; it takes time to get to your screen, so 'bear' with us as we work towards getting your children's entertainment to the best level possible. I'm anticipating full production will start this year. 

A delightful trailer has been produced , just click play for the first look at the animated Dinkers! 
(Please note; this trailer was made for the presentation, and isn't the final image of the show, comments are welcomed by clicking here).

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The Dinkers - Trailer 2014
A first look at The Dinkers. A new animated series in development for 4-6 year olds.

The children; Kerrys, Caitlin and Josh, will soon be getting themselves into some sticky situations, as the episodes are created, full of mischief, fun and adventure; accomplished script writer Simon Nicholson (Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam, Thomas and Friends & Tracy Beaker) has already written the first episode, (I'm not going to spill the beans, but I can't wait to see it in action)! 

And this little line up of frolicsome Dinkers will soon be charming children with their escapades; of course, Bertrum and Potter Winkles are well known already, making their appearance at shows, markets and on social newtworks, communicating with their Dinker brothers and sisters around the world.

The Dinkers came into being after the shock of discovering our home would soon be surrounded by a new town (now started) and as the stories developed, so did the characters.

Kerrys is named after my 8yr old great niece, who, at the time, was going through a difficult time. I made Lily for her and she would come with me to the woods to search for any sign of Dinker life.

Caitlin is named after an avid follower of the Dinkers, buying every book that came out at the book launches, and has followed them ever since.

Josh is named after a friend's son in Spain, he has also been an avid follower of the Dinkers and has read the books several times to his younger brother.

Bertrum & Potter Winkles (No, the picture isn't upside down, he's being silly)! remain with me and always will do, although Bertrum spends most of his time resting now, Potty still gets into any mischief he can!

Archie belongs to a young child and is kept on a shelf, cuddled every-so-often, but kept for special play time.

Shylo is shared by two people in different parts of the UK, 6 mths with one and 6mths with the other; he is thoroughly spoiled!

All the other characters in the series are real and belong to children and a few adults as well.

I am so delighted that from an unpleasant situation; the new town, there will be a grand outcome that will continue long after the first new homes are inhabited.
Thanks to, Andrew Fitzpatrick and Monsterentertainment.tv

Let's watch this space!

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