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About the Author

Hello, my name is Dee and I live in a beautiful part of the United Kingdom called the South Hams in South Devon, with my lovely husband
and his mum.
I have three grown up sons, three granddaughters and two grandsons.
Our old Devon long house is surrounded by fields and open countryside.We enjoy some wonderful displays from the wildlife that live around us, from free roaming deer to the rather nutty pheasants!

A new town development has now begun in the valley, surrounding us with 5,500 homes, schools, sports centre and medical facilities. Shops, offices and so on. The plans can be viewed at www.redtreellp.com which will have an impact on us, so we enjoy every moment we still have while we can; some days do get rather noisy now!
The news of this new town around us inspired me to write the stories of the Dinkers and their plight. And so,while we were waiting for the building works to begin, I started writing about these tiny, wild bears living at the bottom of our garden in a small wood.
I gave up working as a nurse to concentrate more on the books and it has been quite an adventure for me, writing about the Dinkers.

I soon started making the bears in the stories and this has grown considerably; I find myself at bear festivals and markets around the country, as well as making, and sending them, around the world and for friends and family.
I am delighted that the 'Dinkers' is in development as an animated children's TV series. Although the process takes a long time, it will be great fun to see these happy little bears reaching into children's lives.

One morning not so long ago, the Twecckles burst in on us creating another fun venture; a series of 'Twecckle Tales' begun with surprising popularity and some great reviews. They are available on Amazon, for Kindle only at this stage,except book one - 'Jeremy and the Chocolate Twecckle' - which is available in the shop.
I'm delighted that they too have caught the eye of a TV company and have just started their journey to the screen.


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