A Bear is a friend for life, to... - Home

...share every moment and be there for you when you need a hug. He'll listen to your every heartfelt confession and never tell a soul. He'll love you unconditionally for as long as he belongs to you, no questions asked...

but what if he could talk back?
What if he had a yarn to tell too, and needed YOU?

Sherford's Lost Valley - a book series about a tiny species of 'talking' bears called Dinkers, who need the help of an 8yr old girl to survive.

For information about each book in the set, please see their individual pages


A bear is a friend for life

A Teddy Bear's virtue is that he cannot love himself... only others. - Ted Menton

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individually hand made 
Naughty, mischievous Potter Winkles now available as a Limited Edition of only 100. 
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Original Potter Winkles & Bertrum


Bright little Dinker & star of his own book & show

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