The Dinker Bear book series - 'Rivals'-book 4
Sherford's Lost Valley - -  SHERFORD'S LOST VALLEY
Sherford's Lost Valley
Book four
Dinkers are wild bears that grow no bigger than an adult rabbit... and they can talk!The advance of a new town across their Valley, forces these wild bears to flee their home or be destroyed.
Thrown on a journey they didn’t want, they overcome many dangers and trials, meet new friends and sadly, lose old ones too.
They travel many miles to find a new forest they’d been told about, but when they finally arrive, not everything’s as they’d hoped.
Dinkers already live in the forest, led by a rogue Dinker called Farley Chumble, who captures them all; except Bertrum!
It’s up to Bertrum, a tiny 7” cub, to rescue them; trouble is, Farley is three times his size, fierce and scared of nothing…!
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